Useful Resources


While we are a repository for critical information regarding Melbourne Airport Parking, we also have sites that we check for updates. That’s just good sense! Allow us to share with some useful resources with you.

Melbourne Airport

This is the official website of the Melbourne Airport. If there was anywhere that you were going to check out for any updates regarding their parking, parking availability, parking rates, and parking rules, it would have to be the airport itself. You can use this website to find their other social media platforms for more recent and regular updates and news.

You can check this site out for other travel needs as well. You can book flights, check hotel availability, and so much more.


One thing that no one ever appreciates is being late for a flight or running out of parking space because of traffic. It’s great then that there is now a website that you can legitimately check out for current traffic updates.

This way, you’ll be able to see patterns in traffic buildup. Doing so will afford you a way to plan ahead when it comes to your parking plans.

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