What to Avoid When Leaving Your Car in Long Term Parking?

Melbourne’s airport gets a lot of traffic. As travelers are constantly coming and going, it is expected that the parking will almost always be full. As such, it is often important to look for alternatives. A common alternative would be car park companies.

While that is great, there are now unfortunate reports surrounding parking companies around Melbourne airport. In order to help our clients and readers avoid such unfortunate experiences, we’ll be discussing what you should aim to avoid when you’re planning to leave your car with a long-term parking company.

What is a long term parking company?

Otherwise known as a car park company, however, they specialize in providing long term slots for prolonged trips. Most of such companies offer deals by several weeks or even deals spanning a month or two.

What should you avoid?

Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle

Something that any car owner would want to avoid is theft. It would just be terrible if you come back from a trip and find some things you’ve left in your vehicle gone. So what can you do?

It is borderline foolishness to leave anything of value in your car when you’re not there to guard it. Just as you wouldn’t leave your bag or laptop in your car parking at the mall, you shouldn’t leave it at a long term car park. While you should ideally expect security for your car, you must approach this with both eyes open.

It is ultimately best to be safe rather than sorry.

Avoid leaving without photo documentation

A common horror story is that a vehicle left in a long-term parking lot is damaged and the company does not want to pay for fixes.  You’ve probably heard of something like that before so what can you do?

When you deliver your vehicle at the lot, it is important that you document the condition of your vehicle before you leave. That way you have proof that your vehicle was in good condition when you left it there. If you can have a staff member be in the photo, you should do that. It would be a good way to show the company that they did have a staff member be present and vouch for the condition of your vehicle.

Avoid parking in a spot without shade

The sun can be quite the enemy of any vehicle. That said, it is important to not leave your car fully exposed to the sun.

While it may be a bit difficult to secure a spot with secured shade, it can be done. You can reserve a spot beforehand through the company’s website. If the company you’re looking at does not have shade, then you should use that as a sign to try to shop around for different companies. If shade isn’t something you prioritize, then you should be fine. Just be prepared for any consequences for your vehicle.

To Close

It is important to be aware of what you can do to further safeguard your vehicle when it’s going to be left in a non-familiar space. Utilize the pointers above to raise your chances of avoiding any mishaps in long-term parking spaces.