Choices at your Convenience: the Different Types of Parking at Melbourne Airport


When you’re thinking of parking at Melbourne Airport, it’s important to read up on your options. When deciding what works for you, it is important to think of three things:

  1. Cost
  2. Availability
  3. Urgency of need

You need to consider cost because if you can avoid spending too much, you definitely should. There are more things in this life that you can spend your money towards like extras for your travel. Availability is important because there’s no sense in being willing to pay exorbitant fees when there is practically no available slot for you. Urgency of need is important because if the spot is available and the cost may be high but if you really need it, you should get it. That’s just good sense.

Those are the three things that you should try to balance when choosing what type of parking works for you.

Types of Parking

Regular Parking

These are available at the T1, T2, and T3 terminals of Melbourne airport. These are usually around five minutes away from the terminal itself. This is generally most of the parking happens. The vehicles that are allowed in these lots are cars and motorcycles. We mention motorcycles specifically because there are a lot of bike enthusiasts out there that don’t really know where to go.

The parking lots from T1 to T3 do have shade parking which is a boon if you’re really not keen on coming back to a warm vehicle. It would be best to book a space for yourself beforehand as the on the day parking rates can be quite high. For two days alone, the cost can reach $119.

Business Parking

This type of parking option is only available at the T1 terminal. It’s roughly a minute away from the terminal itself—which makes it perfect for anyone that’s in a rush. Sadly, only cars are accepted for this parking so that means no motorcycles.

There is a self-park option which is great for anyone who doesn’t like anyone handling their vehicle but themselves. What’s an important thing to remember that Business parking only accepts credit card as its payment method.

Premium Parking

This type of parking is very much like business parking but it’s around 2 minutes away from the terminal. Only cars are also accepted here but unlike business which only accepts credit card as a payment method, premium accepts other forms of payment methods.

Valet Parking

If you don’t want to be hassled with any of the parking details other than just dropping it off, valet parking is for you. The drop off point is fairly easy to locate. It’s at the second level of the terminal car park.

What’s particularly nice about this service is that the moment you arrive back from your trip, your car will be ready for you curbside. This means no having to worry about lugging your things toward a far away vehicle. Motorcycles are also not serviced by the valet parking. You should expect to pay a little bit more for this service.

Whichever type of parking you choose just be sure it’s something you’re comfortable with.