Bang for your Buck: Other Services Car Parks Now Offer

A constant concern for a lot of people back then was: why should I pay good money to leave my car with strangers?

There was a constant debate on why car parks were needed versus the convenience that they provided. The thing was, other than the convenience, there wasn’t much else to it. What’s good about the car park services and businesses that we have now, they offer other services beyond just being a place to park your car when you’re flying out.

Here are some of them:

Pick up and Drop off Services

One the things that have greatly changed through the years is the fact that car parks now offer a pick up and drop off service. The car park company will usually give a clear idea on where they can pick you up and drop you off. They have their own rules when it comes to the service so it’s best to be clear about that.

While expectations must be managed, there are some companies that even do specific pick up locations for their clients.

Car Wash

While your car is sitting on their lot, it doesn’t have to just be there and be inert. What usually comes with the package is a car wash service. Car park companies have come to realize that they have more to offer. Also, if they want to stay in service, they need to step up their offerings. It’s all about staying competitive.

Depending on the company you speak to, there will be a variety of services and detailing available. If you want something beyond what’s usually attached to the normal rates, you can contact your chosen car park company and see what they can offer you.

Car Detailing

This is arguably, one of the best new services offered by car park companies. If there was anything you needed done, what better time than when you’re away and not using your car? While they don’t do anything large scale as that may require a longer period of time, they do services like replacing spark plugs, do emission tests, and many others.

It would be in your best interest to get your car checked out while you’re out.

To Close

Car parking services are gladly stepping up their game to meet client needs. If you find yourself needing a place to keep your car while you fly out through the Melbourne Airport, it would be wise to shop around the various car park services and what they have to offer.